Our shop in the Val Gardena

Our shop in the Val Gardena

Our wood carving shop in Val Gardena - South Tyrol - Italy

After attending the Wolkenstein School of Art and training with various sculptors, Robert Senoner successfully passed the master's examination in sculpture in 1979.

In 1990, together with the sculptor Willi Crepaz, he founded the company Rowi. Since 1995 the company is located in Selva Gardena. The shop is located at the entrance of Selva Gardena, directly on the right side of the main road. The big Swiss stone pine wood snail and the life-size footballer in front of our shop are our landmarks.

The two master sculptors Robert and Willi have hereby further developed the traditional school of South Tyrolean sculpture. The modern style and the new modern line can be seen in the Nativity scenes angels, crib blocks, crosses and various figures. Robert and Willi are pioneers in Val Gardena with the modern lines that have been imitated several times.

The company Rowi with the woodcarver and sculptor Robert Senoner, is one of the founding members of Gardena Art. Its main tasks are the control of the domestic production regarding quality and origin and the coordination of marketing activities. Increasing the awareness of the GARDENA ART brand and thus of the genuine, high quality woodcarving from Val Gardena is always in the foreground.

In 2016 Marco Senoner joined the Rowi company. Both traditional and modern motifs are executed, with religious and profane themes in different sizes and finishes. The Rowi collection is successfully exported worldwide. On request, sculptures are also made according to the customer's design and wishes in all sizes, in wood as well as in bronze.

We only use lime, maple, ash and Swiss stone pinewoods that meet our strict quality requirements.

For advice and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by telephone on 0039 0417 794569.

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Austellungsraum in Wolkenstein

Austellungsraum in Wolkenstein

das Geschäft und die Holzschnitzerwerkstatt von der Firma Rowi

Bildhauern Marco Senoner

Bildhauer Marco Senoner

Bildhauer Marco Senoner bei der Gestaltung eines Modeles.

Schnecke aus Lindenholz

Schnecke aus Lindenholz

Holzskulptur vor unseren Geschäft in Wolkenstein