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Wood sculptors and artists

Val Gardena artisanship inspires in sculptures

The art of the woodcarvings goes back to the 16th century. At first, it was just a pastime during the long snowy winters, but soon it became a cultural element of considerable importance for the small Ladin valley Val Gardena.

In the beginning toys, tools and household utensils were carved and sold at the spring fairs to supplement the meagre income from agriculture. Soon some handicraft items followed. In the period that followed, sculptors devoted themselves more and more to artistic sculptures, which quickly became a recognized and world-famous art form.

Today the Val Gardena artisanship inspires in sculptures and objects that reflect both the tradition and the contemporary taste. Today, as in the past, the wooden sculptures are largely made by hand. Val Gardena is considered the valley of wood carvers. The motifs depicted often originate from the religious tradition of the Alpine region as well as Christmas cribs in various designs. In the meantime, however, sculptures of a profane character have also become increasingly successful.

The number of woodcarvers and Sculptors, as well as barrel painters and gilders shows the importance of woodcarving in Val Gardena. Traditional motifs such as crosses, Madonna’s, sportsmen's figures, Nativity scenes and much more are produced just as professionally as modern nativity figures and modern Sculptures in every form. Think about your loved ones today and decide now, comfortably from home, for a special woodcarving from our Rowi Shop.