Nativity figures

Nativity figures

Nativity figures at Rowi Sculptures

At Rowi Sculptures in Selva Gardena, the crib figures of the Rowi Crib are one of several modern and traditional crib representations. The crib figures of Rowi Sculptures are available in the sizes 09 cm, 13 cm, 16 cm, or 20 cm. The crib figures are available in 5 additional different versions. Depending on your taste, you can choose the crib figures of the Rowi crib from completely untreated natural wood, maple, ash and lime wood, stained, watercoloured or glazed. On request, the Rowi Nativity can even be hand-carved in the sizes 40 cm 53 cm 100 cm.

The crib composition of the Rowi crib consists of different stables and 52 different figures. Unique is our stable with a star, where in the central middle of the crib you can see the kneeling Mary, the moving baby Jesus in the womb of Mary or in the cradle, and next to it you can admire St. Joseph. Behind the Holy Family there is a donkey and a lying ox.

While on the left side the shepherds with their various animals and sheep can be seen, on the right side the magnificent Magi with camel and elephant. On the roof of the Rowi crib hovers a small Gloria angel.

The Leonardo Crib is available in the sizes 13 cm, 17 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm. You can also choose between 4 different versions. According to taste, the Leonardo Nativity consists of completely untreated natural wood, maple, ash and lime wood, stained or painted with watercolor. On request, the Leonardo crib is even available in the sizes 100 cm, hand carved.